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The Story of Self-Talk from the scriptures

Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind... Romans 12:2

In 2005, the idea for Self-Talk from the Scriptures was conceived out of the blue, as a “God-idea,” and master-minded by Princess L. Surjopolos - a Christian entrepreneur, U.S. Army Veteran, mother of two and life-long student of the Bible.  

Initially developing Bible affirmations for her own use, she soon felt strongly led to develop a professionally produced CD line and make it available to the Body of Christ.  To her surprise, there was no other product quite like this readily available in the Christian marketplace when she began.

Princess has been a committed Christian for over 30 years.   She has been an active member of several Southern California churches including Cottonwood Christian Center (1993-2004), The Rock - Anaheim Foursquare (2004-2018) and Eastside Christian Church - Bellflower (2019 - present).   

Her Vision:  As a pioneer of Christian self-talk, to create powerful and effective Bible Affirmation Programs that impact Christians all over the world with inspired growth, spiritual comfort and positive change.

The Power of God's Word

"The Power of the Word" is the conclusion track on self-talk programs to remind us that's God's word is powerful, permanent and will not return to Him void.



Produced & Edited By:

Princess L. Surjopolos dba Living Word Enterprises

Female Narrators:

Princess L. Surjopolos and Marissa Guerra

Male Narrator:

Luis Carmona

Hymnal Music / Keyboards:

Jimi Seville (2008)

Gina Gephart Lord (2005)

Recorded at: 

SoundBest Studios, Garden Grove, CA

Mixed & Mastered By:

Diamond Disc Audio

CD Design:

Princess L. Surjopolos and Ultra Entertainment

CD Photo Credits:


Professional Photography:

Rebecka Forrester

Special Thanks To: My Lord Jesus, Myles, Zo-Man, my mom, family & friends, Marcus, Pastor Bayless, Pastor Jerry, the Guerras, Bible Gateway, DAB (Daily Audio Bible), Dr. Shad Helmstetter, Susan Davis, and all the other incredible people that God has brought into my life - you know who you are.